Frequently Asked Questions: (click to download a hardcopy)

How do I know which dates are available?
For updated information on availability please call 814-667-2538 or e-mail

What is the cost of each package?
For updated information on the cost of packages please call 814-667-2538 or e-mail

Are linens provided?
Yes, A basic linen package is included with your choice of colors.

Are tables and chairs provided?
Yes, tables and chairs for up to 250 guests.

Do I hire the catering service or is it provided?
Catering services are hired by the event host and are not limited by the facility.

What if I want to serve alcohol?
Alcohol service must be contracted through a vendor approved Bar Tending Service. (*Please contact C. Barton McCann School of Art Staff.)

Which facilities are on campus and which ones are off campus?
Fern Hill Education Center - on campus
Fern Hill Pavilion - on campus
Hemlock Cottage - on campus
Sculpture Garden - on campus
Laurel Run Studio – on campus
Studebaker House - off campus

Can I decorate the facility?
Yes. Decorations and personal touches are welcome; however set up and removal of decor is the responsibility of the event host. Nothing may be nailed, glued, or adhered in a permanent fashion to the walls, windows, floors, or ceilings of any facility (thumbtacks and staples are strictly prohibited). We ask that anything you bring in, you remove at the end of your stay. Damages caused by decorating will result in the loss of your security deposit plus repair costs.

Can I tour the grounds during an overnight stay?
Yes. Guests may view the grounds with the exception of the areas designated as “Private” until dusk. Guided tours are available Monday-Friday between 9AM-4PM. During winter, hours are abbreviated and are by appointment only.

Can guests tour the grounds during a private event?
Guests of the event are encouraged to tour the grounds during events (until dusk) but are asked to stay within the areas not designated as “Private”.

Is the gallery open during events?
Yes for an hour without charge. We encourage guests to visit the gallery and see the wonderful collection of artwork. No flash photography or food and drink is allowed inside the gallery. *Touching the artwork is strictly prohibited.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is allowed ONLY in the designated outdoor smoking areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor facilities and under the pavilion. (Cigarette butts found on the grounds or inside any of the facilities will result in a loss of security deposit)

How do we inform guests of the rules and regulations?
Refer all guests to the “About” tab on our website.

Where are directions to the C. Barton McCann School of Art?
Directions are available under the “About” tab on our website.

How can I see the facility and grounds?
Visitors are always welcome and tours are given daily. To schedule a tour call 814-667-2538 or e-mail


Is a shuttle available for rent?
Not from the C. Barton McCann School of Art.
Shuttle services Used at Previous Events:
Long Motor Bus

What if I have more questions?
Please feel free to call 814-667-2538 or e-mail