The Expansion of Regional Airports

It’s the rise of the budget airlines that appears to have driven the demand for flights from regional airports in recent years. Names like Easyjet, Ryanair and Flybe have become familiar to many people traveling from UK. These low-cost operators offer cheaper deals on flights by providing a basic level of service airport transfer heathrow to Gatwick.

They’ve also managed to keep costs down by using smaller airports. This can, at times, be somewhat annoying. After all, when you jet in somewhere on holiday, you don’t necessarily want to be faced by a long transfer by coach, train or taxi to your final destination. Then again, if it saves you money then it soon looks more worthwhile.

Equally, this potential disadvantage is being seen increasingly as an advantage within the UK. Those of us living near small regional airports no longer have to deal with longer journeys to London. There’s less hassle and we don’t have to pay so much simply to reach our departure point.

This all helps to explain why regional airports are expanding. It’s because they offer cheap flights and convenience. That’s led to an increased demand from consumers, which seems set to continue.

Gatwick is found about 50kms south of London, in the West Sussex area of England. Even though it is quite a long way from the capital, it is still considered to be part of London’s satellite airports. It is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom and Europe, and second in England behind Heathrow Airport.

Hotels near Gatwick Airport are in abundance, largely because the airport remains so important to the people of southern London. Some of the accommodation is quite basic, but still comfortable for a night or two. However, there is also a range of upper-market hotels in the region around the airport.

Getting to Gatwick can be done by travelling along the M23, or by taking the train all the way to the station. Being so large, Gatwick does have its share of hiccups. However, in the event of a delay, there are plenty of activities for patrons to partake in. There are 10 things to do listed below that should keep patrons occupied for quite some time.

Getting away from the crowds can be done at Gatwick Airport in one of the Servisair lounges. Both terminals have a lounge available for patrons of the airport, offering excellent comforts and facilities. Bookings are essential, and everyone is welcome.

International passengers will find shopping at Gatwick Airport that much more interesting and exciting because of the duty free services available. There is so many different products on offer for passengers, from books, to fragrances, to liquor and even clothing.

Tired of sitting in the lounge chairs of Gatwick Airport? Is your body starting to ache from the many hours of travelling? Why not take some time out and enjoy one of the coin operated massage chairs. The price is not expensive, but the result will be worth a million bucks. Available in both terminals’ departure zones.

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